Access over 4m players

Claim your location on the Aglet map to drive more foot traffic to your business

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Sponsored Locations

If you have multiple locations, or would like to “take over” a landmark location (eg: Times Square, Eiffel Tower)

We can also create a branded in-game Gallery for your business.

Contact us for more details on how to promote your business inside Aglet.

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Put Your Brand on the Aglet Map! 📍

What You Get: Your exclusive branded spot, making a statement.

Engage & Redirect: Players are drawn to your unique branding and sent straight to any URL you pick.

Promotion Power: Spotlight events, deals, or just amplify your brand’s voice!

How It Works

Get your business on the map — literally — with Aglet Sponsored Locations!

Choose Your Level: Affordable & Effective

Opt for a Treasure Stash right at your doorstep. It’s a magnet for players, luring them in with irresistible rewards. Best part? It’s easy on the wallet and no branding fuss. Just pure foot traffic magic!

Aglet Sponsored Locations

Boost your Spot!

Stand out in the Aglet universe! Get on the map for businesses, governments, and community groups. Make your mark and engage with players on their real-world journey.

Unbranded Treasure Stash yearly
$10 / month

Simply put, we place an in-game location at your physical business which is an affordable marketing solution to help drive foot traffic.

In-game location

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Branded Treasure Stash yearly
$30 / month

A Branded Treasure Stash represents your business complete with your own branding, making your business unique on the Aglet map.

Branded In-game location(s)

Player engagement solutions

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Branded Treasure Stash + Digital/Physical Rewards yearly
$100* / month

Unleash your brand's appeal as players collect your unique branded items. (*Per-item rate with up to five items)

Unique in-game assets

Branded In-game location(s)

Player engagement solutions

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Let's Discuss Your Business Needs

Have any burning questions, exciting ideas, or just want to chat about how we can supercharge your business endeavors?

We're ready to dive into the nitty-gritty. Whether you're a startup looking to make your mark or an established enterprise seeking fresh perspectives, we've got your back.

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